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CBDCekho - Digital Payment, Blockchain
and CBDC Services:

Assessment & Advisory:

Guidance in innovative, financial
topics, like tokenization & payments, catering to a broad clientele from banks to central banks to crypto exchanges.

Design Methodology & Use Cases :

Application of design methodologies and frameworks for the definition of innovative solution and value-adding use cases.

Implementation& Rollout:

Assistance in implementation and rollout of these innovative projects.

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DIGITALekho - Corporate
Enterprise Services:

Managing Digital Transformation:

Advising on initiating change and driving digital transformation, services include digital strategy development and implementation.

Application of Emerging Technologies

Leveraging experience from creating and managing four start-ups and early application of numerous emerging technologies in enterprises, addressing common challenges, and fostering growth.

CxOekho Advisory

Trusted advisory services for CEOs, CxOs, and Boards. Validating direction and providing second opinions on your digital strategies, IT and project budgets.

Restructuring and Cost Cutting

Transforming strategic visions into concrete business plans, ROI assessments and payback analysis.

Strategic Advisory:

Board-level advisory for strategic decision-making, C-suite consultancy for strategic direction and stakeholder engagement.

Virtual CIO / CISO:

Offering high skilled, experienced resources part-time and on demand

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Private Equity  
Venture Capital Services:

Deal Origination:

Work alongside investors to enhance deal flow, profiling industries, screening targets, and devising a plan for approach.

Due Diligence:

Assisting in better deal decisions through due diligence, assessing revenue growth and cost-reduction opportunities, and providing a clear post-acquisition agenda.

Value Creation:

Developing strategic blueprints post-acquisition, aligning management with strategic priorities, supporting revenue enhancement and cost-reduction.

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Services for Start-ups:

Start-up Advisory:

From business model validation, product-market fit, to scaling strategies.

Pitch & Funding Assistance:

Helping start-ups in crafting effective pitches and navigating the funding landscape.

Operational Guidance:

Leveraging Leon Schumacher's experience to advise on day-to-day operations and long-term growth strategies.

Virtual CIO / CISO:

Offering high skilled, experienced resources part-time and on demand

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Authored books by Leon Schumacher:

Decoding Digital Assets:

Distinguishing the Dream from the Dystopia in Stablecoins, Tokenized Deposits, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).
Publication date Q1 2024

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The Future of Healthcare & Lifesciences:

Exploring groundbreaking technology-based advancements and their implications from research to patients.
Publication date to be announced

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Decoding Artificial Intelligence for CEOs:

A 101 guide to understand and harness the potential of AI in the enterprise.
Publication date to be announced

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Workshops & Speeches Overview:


On-site Workshops :

Team problem-solving sessions, market understanding,
and value creation.

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Corporate Appearances and Event Participation:


On-site or Video-Call Presentations :

Presentations on digital transformation, FinTech,
blockchain, and more

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