About Us

2500 employees

50 digital transformation projects,
60 due diligences,
40 company integrations


in investments

20+ years

leadership in IT

History of working with large clients on cybersecurity and digital transformations, like Actavis, BAG, Canon, GSK, Philips, TNT, Avis...

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Advisory and board assignments in numerous industrial and technology companies over the past 20 years.

Comprehensive services ranging
from design and implementation,
to strategic advisory for global enterprises, payment/finance stakeholders and start-ups.

Partnerships with major commercial banks, central banks, and crypto exchanges.

About Our Leadership

Leon Schumacher - SEO -DigitalEkho

Leon Schumacher

Founder - DigitalEkho

Led global teams up to 2500 in 50 digital transformation projects in Fortune 100 enterprises :

Launched and grew 5 digitally innovative start-ups

Innovator in cybersecurity and blockchain/tokenization

Spearheading digitalization and cloud adoption

Driving privacy and payments in IoT

Raised over €40m in investments

20+ years of impactful leadership in IT for a safer & more
usable digital world

Highlights :

Taler Systems (Founder):

Revolutionizing payments with a privacy preserving, value-based token.


Developed retail and wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency platforms

Insight Venture Partners:

Contributed to setting up highly successful growth accelerator

pEp Security (Founder):

Introducing end-to-end encryption and Zero Trust Architecture in enterprises

Novartis (Group CIO):

First mover into cloud in 2009, consolidation and huge complexity reduction in SAP and IT

MittalSteel/ArcelorMittal (Group CIO):

Supported growth from $6 billion to $125 billion in revenues, executed technical due diligence, integration and restructuring of 50 acquisitions.

Berna Alp - SEO -DigitalEkho

Berna Alp

Co-founder - DigitalEkho

Led global consulting teams in Europe and United States, privacy and open-source supporter for a decade:

Launched and grew 3 digitally innovative start-ups

Led open-source project to financial success

Business process definition and implementation

Raised over €20m in donations

10+ years of impactful contributions in open source and privacy

Highlights :

Anastasis (Founder):

Revolutionizing 'keep-your-own-key' crypto self-custody and secret storage with a utility token.

Mozilla Thunderbird (Chair):

Finding a home and building a sustainable model for open source Thunderbird mail client community project

ISOC Switzerland (Board member):

Providing leadership in important IT matters

pEp Security (Head of QA):

Introducing end-to-end encryption and Zero Trust Architecture in enterprises

Arcelor  (Sr. Manager SAP FI/CO):

SAP lead for FI/CO/JV implementations